Refinishing Aluminum Oxide Hardwood Floors: Steps To Refinish

Steps To Refinish Aluminum Oxide Hardwood Floors

The traditional hardwood floors have a coating of aluminum oxide on the top of the floor. Hardwood floors are refinished so as to maintain the beauty of the floors. The aluminum oxide finish protects the floor from damage and slows down the process of color fading. The material required in refinishing the aluminum oxide hardwood floors includes bucket, broom, quarter, soft cloth, floor buffer, terrycloth mop, dustpan, mineral oil, and aluminum oxide cleaner. The steps are given below to refinish aluminum oxide hardwood floors:
  1. Test For Residue: The first step is to check the floor for sign of the residue. This can be done by rubbing the mineral oil on the floor surface with the help of a soft cloth. If a high amount of residue is present on the floor then the hardwood floor surface needs to be properly sanded and then a coat of stain is applied on the floor.
  2. Sweep The Floor: Now take a broom and clean all the dust from the floor. Use a dustpan for collecting the dust from the floor. Clean the dust from corners and crevices with the help of a broom.
  3. Apply Cleaner: Next step is to apply a thin layer of aluminum oxide cleaner on the floor. Put the aluminum oxide cleaner in a bucket and slightly make the terrycloth mop wet with the cleaner and wipe the floor surface. Then smoothly buff the floor by using a floor buffer.
  4. Dry The Floor: After completely applying aluminum oxide cleaner on the floor surface, leave the floor to dry and then apply a second coat of cleaner on the floor and buff the floor.
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