Refinishing Adirondack Chairs: Steps To Refinish Cedar Chairs

General Overview

Adirondack chairs are noted as real classic chair types that are used from centuries. These chairs add real class and elegance to any spaces and these beautiful chair pieces need best maintenance and care to make them look attractive for longer because these furniture pieces are particularly meant for the outdoor spaces and can get damaged due to the exposure of various outdoor elements. Here are some steps to refinish the Adirondack chairs:

Steps To Refinish The Cedar Adirondack Chairs

Some simple steps to refinish the Adirondack chairs are as follows:
  1. Sanding: Sanding is the first thing that must be done for getting the ultimate refinishing job done. Initially, sanding should be done with the help of the 80 grit sandpaper and follow up by sanding again using 100 grit sandpaper.
  2. Re-sanding: After completion of the initial sanding use 220 grit sandpaper to repeat the process again. This will make the chair surface much smooth and even.
  3. Dusting: Wipe down all the sanding dust using the wet rag cloth finely and allow it to dry for overnight.
  4. Check: Once the chair is properly dried and check it again to make sure that nothing needs to be repeated.
  5. Staining: Now apply the desired color stain finish over the chair with the help of the natural bristle brush and let it dry. Stain each side of the chair with at least three coats and give a trying time in between the coats to get the perfect look.
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