Refinishing 100 Year Old Wood Floors: How To Refinish

How To Refinish 100 Year Old Wood Floors?

Here are some of the steps by which the customers can easily Refinish 100 Year Old Wood Floors:
  1. Observing The Floor: The customers need to start by inspecting all the edges and the side corners of the wood floors. If the customers find out that the wood floor contains the cracked edges that indicate the over sanding problem, then they need to clean the adhesive caused by removing the carpets by using the sandpaper accordingly.
  2. Making Repairs: The customers then need to start repairing all the possible defect on the wood floor. If the one wood plank of the wood floor is broken then the customers can easily trim that wood plank and replace a new one by using the chisel. If the wood planks on the wood floor are cupped the customers can then easily flatten the wood plank by using the drum sander. If the wood floor is having the problem of the discolouration then the customer can clean the floor with the bleaching.
  3. Filling And Sanding: It is very common that a 100-year-old wood floor can get wide gaps because of the moisture fluctuations then the customers can easily repair those gaps by using the latex filler. The customers need to spread the latex filler all over the surface of the wooden floor.
  4. Finishing: The 100 years old wood floor may also be having the problem of the hard finish and to minimize that problem the customers can apply the wood oil all over the areas of the wood floor.
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