Refinish Hardwood Stairs: Easy Steps For Refinishing & Carpeted

General Overview

Refinishing hardwood stair seems an easy task but requires to be done very keenly. The refinishing requires the use of proper materials and techniques. Refinishing stairs can be done easily but horizontal treads can be hard to refinish as the portion is very much in contact with the foot traffic. The various methods that are required to proceed with the refinishing task include stripping, sanding, etc.

Steps To Refinish/ Finishing The Hardwood Stairs

The various steps to refinish/ finish the hardwood floor are mentioned as below.
  1. Sanding: The first thing is to sand the hardwood stairs using the 60 grit sandpaper in order to make it even for the refinishing. The sanding on edges should be done very carefully.
  2. Cleaning: Clean the sanding residue with the help of the industrial vacuum.
  3. Mineral Spirits: Once the residue is removed apply the mineral spirits with the cleaning rag. Ensure to avoid the over-saturation as that may result in the wood wrapping.
  4. Colors: The color of the refinish must be chosen in a way that should suit the overall wooden decoration. The main color choices for refinishing include Gloss, Semi-gloss, and satin, etc.
  5. Coating: Apply the first coat of the desired finish over the hardwood stairs and wait till it dries to apply another coat of the finish.
  6. Mineral Spirits: Once the desire coating touch is achieved follow up by applying the mineral spirits and the varnish over the stairs. Once done let it dry and apply the final coat of the varnish over it. Leave it for 24 hours to dry.
  7. Re- Sanding: Once the varnish dries completely go for re-sanding using 110 grit sandpaper smoothly
  8. Wax: Apply the wax over the stairs and buff it properly to complete the refinishing task.

Easy Ways To Refinishing The Hardwood Stairs That Are

Easy ways to refinish hardwood stairs that are carpeted are mentioned below.
  1. Remove Carpet: The very first thing is to remove the entire carpet from the wooden stairs with the help of the prybar. The removal must be started by pulling the corner edges.
  2. Furniture Removal: Ensure to remove the furniture if it is accommodated nearby the stairs.
  3. Over: The doorways and the carpets need to be covered using a drop cloth and the masking tape.
  4. Ventilation: Keep the area well ventilated before proceeding with the next steps.
  5. Examine: Examine the stairs for loose nails in order to fix them up.
  6. Taping: All area of the wall that meets with the stairs need to be covered with the masking tape
  7. Stripping: In order to strip the old paint or stain from the stairs apply the chemical strippers to remove it. Application of the chemical strippers must be done exactly according to the instructions labeled on it.
  8. Sanding: The medium grit sandpaper must be used to sand the wooden stair surface. Alternatively, the use of electric orbital sander can also get the job done quickly.
  9. Fine Grit Sanding: Start re-sanding using the fine-grit sandpaper in order to eliminate the previous finish and paint completely.
  10. Sweeping: All the sanding dust must be swept in order to clean the stairs. Alternatively, cleaning with a vacuum is also the best way to remove the dust.
  11. Staining: Prior to staining make sure to get different stain testing sample in order to make the right color choice by applying the testing samples on the hidden part to make a perfect choice.
  12. Application: Application of both oil or water-based stain color are recommended to stain. Apply the first coat and allow it to dry for approximately 15 minutes. Use paintbrush or rag cloth in order to paint the treads evenly.
  13. Dry It: Once the first coat of the stain is dried follow it by applying the second and third one. Ensure to wipe off the excess stain properly.
  14. Floor-grade Polyurethane Varnish: The stairs need to be treated with the floor-grade polyurethane varnish as per the directions. Allow the finish to dry for 12 hours and wipe off the dust using the tack cloth.
  15. Second Varnish Coat: Apply the second coat of the varnish allow it to dry again for 24 hours.
  16. Remove Covering: All the covering like drop cloth and masking tape need to be removed now.
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