Refinish Hardwood Floor Without Sanding: Steps To Refinish

Steps To Refinish The Wood Floor Without Sanding

Sometimes the hardwood floor gets dirty by the stains of tea, coffee, and cold drink cans that need to be refinished or repaired. If the hardwood floor is lightly faded, scratched or damaged then no need to worry about this. Sanding the wood floor with sandpaper is a solution for refinishing the wood floor. Sometimes deep sanding will harm the floor. So there are a number of ways to refinish the wood floor without using sanding. Just follow the given steps carefully to give a new and fresh look to the hardwood floor.

Buffing And Recoating

  1. Clean: The first step to clean the hardwood floor is to Use the vacuum cleaner for instantly cleaning the floor.
  2. Check: If there is any type of wax, oil or lacquer present on the floor, then the process of buffing and recoating will not work. So clean the wax, oil first by using paint thinner on it.
  3. Sweep: Now sweep the hardwood floor with the cleaner and let the floor dry for nearly 2-3 hours.
  4. Buffing Machine: Little bit of sanding is required with the buff machine. Using the buff machine is only for making a light and smooth surface. Use small grit sandpaper in buff machine.
  5. Vacuum: After working with buff machine, simply vacuum the hardwood floor. No need to sweep the vacuum cleaner otherwise the vacuum cleaner will fill the spaces with dust.
  6. Apply: Cover the nose and mouth to avoid breathing in noxious vapors. Apply a thin layer of oil or lacquer finish on the hardwood floor. Use a long-handled roller for the center of the floor and Use the paintbrush for the corner of the floors. Let the floor dry maximum up to 3 hours for second coat.
  7. Apply Second Coat: After waiting for 3 hours apply a second coat hardwood floor oil or lacquer finisher. Let the floor dry for 18-20 hours but avoid to move heavy things on the floor.

Using A Store-Bought Kit

  1. Determine: If the hardwood floor is worn and scratched but not too much damaged then use chemical etching method.
  2. Refinishing Kit: Take a refinishing kit to start the work. The refinishing kit contains chemical etching liquid and floor finish liquid and the abrasive pad.
  3. Clean: Clean the hardwood floor with vacuum cleaner and remove all the dust and litter from the floor.
  4. Apply: Now apply the liquid etcher on wood floor with the abrasive pad and let the floor dry for nearly 30 minutes.
  5. Mop The Floor: Use 3.8L water with 2 tablespoons of liquid dishwasher and mix it in bucket and mop the liquid on hardwood floor.
  6. Dry: Now let the floor dry for maximum up to 2 days for making the floor walkable and wait for 2 weeks for moving a heavy item on it.
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