Refinish Dining Room Table Veneer Top: Best Way To Refinish

Best Way To Refinish Dining Room Table Veneer Top

Follow the below-given steps in order to refinish dining room table veneer top:
  1. Repair: The first step is to look for any gouges or nicks on the table top, in case there is then apply the best quality wood filler with the putty knife, remove the excess filler with the help of the knife, and smoothen the affected area with the putty knife.
  2. Remover: The next step is to Strip the old finish using the finish remover, simply apply the paste finish remover to the table top using the small paint brush leave the remover on the area.
  3. Striping: Now allow the paste to sit on the area as specified time mentioned by the manufacturer, after removing the finish with the putty knife but keep the knife as flat as possible that will not damage the veneer.
  4. Curved Areas: In order to remove the remover from curved areas then use the old toothbrush or medium-fine steel wool. However, the user needs to carefully clean the edges of the tabletop.
  5. Another Coat: Now apply another coat of the finish remover with the natural bristle brush, after that remove the finish remover using the medium-fine steel wool, gently rub to remove any remaining finish.
  6. Clean: Before heading to the next step it's important to clean the finish remover from the area for that dip the medium fine steel wool in the lacquer thinner and then rub the tabletop. Continue the process until the remover is gone.
  7. Sanding: The next step is to go for Sanding process using an orbital or finish sander with the 220-grit sandpaper. Sand in the directions of the wood grains, for the curved edges of the table, use the loose sandpaper for sanding. In case of the sander keep it moving so that it will not sand through the veneer.
  8. Stain: Now before applying the stain it is very important to clean the sanding dust, then apply the matching stain using a rag or a natural-bristle brush. Allow the stain to dry.
  9. Polyurethane Finish: The next step is to apply the thin coat of the polyurethane finish, but before using the polyurethane finish it is very important to stir it very well and don't shake the can, apply the finish using the 3-inch natural bristle brush, in the direction of wood grain.
  10. Another Coat: Allow the finish to dry then lightly sand the area using the 400 grit sandpaper, this will help to remove any imperfections, this step involves the sanding with the hand. Then apply the second coat of the Polyurethane finish.

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