Refacing Laminate Cabinets: Easy Steps To Reface

Easy Steps to Reface the Laminate Cabinets

The customers can easily reface the Laminate Cabinets by following the below-mentioned cabinets:
  1. Gather All The Materials And Tools: The users need to start by gathering all the tools and the materials that they require while performing this procedure like Laminate trimmer, Tin snips, woodblock, Contact adhesive, sandpaper, Table saw and Laminate material as well.
  2. Remove The Hardware: The second step is to start by detaching all the doors and the drawers from the cabinets by unbinding all the metal hardware like hinges, knobs, and the screws as well.
  3. Remove The Dust: The third step is to clean all the dust, dirt, and debris particles from the surface of the cabinets, doors and for that, they need to wipe down the cabinets and doors by using the Trisodium Phosphate cleaner
  4. Use The Laminate Trimmer: The users then need to use the laminate trimmer to detach the old laminate from the cabinets and then they need to use the medium grit sandpaper and rub it vigorously over the surface of the cabinet doors in order to completely detach the laminate from the cabinet doors.
  5. Calculate The Size Dimension: Then they have to measure the exact size dimensions of the cabinet doors by using the measuring tape and then they need to trim out the new laminate pieces according to the calculated measurements by using the table saw.
  6. Apply The Contact Adhesive: The users at last need to apply the Contact adhesive to the corners and the sides of the trimmed laminate pieces and then place it carefully to the surface of the cabinet doors. They also need to place any heavy weighted object over the top of the cabinet doors to get rid of all the air bubbles respectively.
  7. Re-attach The Doors: Once the adhesive is completely dried the users then need to re-attach the doors to the cabinets by using the saved hinges, knobs and screws.
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