Red Sal Wood Advantages: Pros And Cons

The red sal wood is mainly used in making wooden beam, batten, window frame, piles and tool handle etc.

Advantages Of Red Sal Wood

Here are the advantages of red sal wood:
  1. Durability: The red sal wood is 40-45 % more durable than the other wood such as teak wood.
  2. Resistant: It is water- resistant and termites-resistant.
  3. Color: The color of sal wood is red, darken, and pale brown.
  4. Cleaning: The user can easily clean the red sal wood items with a clean cloth.
  5. Paint: The user can use any type of wood paint on red sal wood, no special paint are required.
  6. Cost: The red sal wood is not so expensive, so anyone can afford it easily.

Disadvanatges Of Red Sal Wood

Here are the disadvantages of red sal wood:
  1. Sunlight: The sunlight can easily damage the red sal wood, don't keep the red sal wood directly under the sunlight.
  2. Work: Working with red sal wood is tough because it is so hard and the user can't use hand saw on it. Electric machines can easily cut the red sal wood.
  3. Weight: The wood is 30% heavier than the teak wood.
  4. Uses: The other con of the red sal wood is that it is not used in making shutters and furniture.
  5. Polish: The red sal wood will not accept wood polish, this is the main disadvantages of red sal wood.
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