Red Oak Vs White Oak Furniture: Comparison Between Red & White Oak

The Oak is known as the most popular choice of hardwood flooring. It is very durable wood that can last for many years even 100 years, as well as it is readily available.

Comparison Between Red Oak And White Oak Furniture

Red Oak

  1. Tones: The Red Oak is popular for its beautiful tones like light golden to reddish pink, besides that it has the unique and "wilder" grain patterns.
  2. Hardness: It has a Janka hardness rating of approximately 1290.
  3. Stronger And Heavier: The Fast-grown Red Oak, that has the wide rings, is much stronger and heavier than the slow-grown Red Oak.
  4. Usage: The red oak is used in the railroad ties, fence posts, paneling, caskets, flooring, as well as in pulpwood.

White Oak

  1. Hardness: It has a Janka hardness rating of approximately 1360 which is harder than the Red oak.
  2. Tones And Grians: The white oak has less pronounced grains and has a beautiful golden brown warmer tones.
  3. Stability: It is more stable than the Red oak.
  4. Stain Color: As the white oak is more harder than the red oak and this property help it to accept the color in more evenly manner than the red oak.
  5. Usage: It has been used from the hundread of years in the construction of boats, truck beds, wooden wagon wheels as well as in wine barrels this Is becuase of its structural integrity.
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