Radiata Pine Wood Advantages And Disadvantages: Pros And Cons

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Radiata Pine Wood


Here are advantages of the radiata pine wood:
  1. Cost: The radiata pine wood is very cheap as compared to other wood such as acacia or oak.
  2. Work: The user can easily use handsaw or other tool on pine wood because it is not too much hard.
  3. Natural Wood: It is natural wood and more durable, strong as compared to manmade wood such as engineered wood.
  4. Fast Growing: The Radiata Pine is one of the fastest growing tree. So it will not impact the environment.
  5. Life: The lifespan of radiata pine wood is nearly 80-90 years and the lifespan of the pine furniture is 25-30 years.
  6. Resists: The radiata wood is resists to swelling and shrinking.
  7. Weight: It is reported as light weighted wood.


Here are disadvantages of radiata pine wood:
  1. Damage: The strength of radiata pine wood is medium as a result chances of damage is very high.
  2. Aesthetic: It is less aesthetic as compared to other timbers.
  3. Knots: It has lots of knots on the surface of the radiata pine wood, which some of the user's didn't like.
  4. Resistance: It is reported as medium resistance for water and incest such as termites.
  5. Susceptible: It is more susceptible to dents and scratches and also the maintenance of radiata pine wood is too high.
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