Quick Fix For Squeaky Hardwood Floors: Steps

Steps To Quick Fix for Squeaky Hardwood Floors

Here are some of the steps by which the customers can easily Quick Fix their Squeaky Hardwood Floors:

Repairing From Below

1.Identify The Source Of The Squeak: The customers need to start by finding the squeaks on their hardwood floors. The customers need to search all around the top and the bottom surface of their hardwood floors. The customers also need to weight down their hardwood floor from above in order by placing any heavy object like a salt bag or heavy books in order to compact the wood planks
2.Attach The Brace: If the customers find out that the hardwood floor appears to be squeaky because of the loose joints in the floor, then they need to install the brace in order to fasten the joints and things and then dismiss that annoying sound.
3.Install Wood Shims: The customers can also install the small shims between the joints in order to fix their squeaky hardwood floors.
4.Screw The Subfloor: The customers can also use the simple screws in order to affix the loose joints

Repairing From Above

1.Remove The Carpets From The Floor: The customers need to remove the carpets or any other object from their hardwood floor. The customers then have to walk over their hardwood floor in order to locate the exact squeaky spot.
2.Fix The Loose Board: The customers then need to use the electric drill and they need to start drilling the heavy wood screws directly to the squeaky board.
3.Fill The Hole With Wood Putty: The customers then need to use the wood putty and apply it over the hole and the customers then need to use the sandpaper and rub it over the area in order to smoothen it.
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