Protecting Hardwood Floors From Water: Tips To Protect

Tips to Protect Hardwood Flooring from Water

Hardwood Flooring is very much durable but requires extra care from water as it can cause warping and discoloration. In order to keep the hardwood flooring undamaged and dry, the user needs to follow the below-given tips:
  1. Remove Moist Items:
    Any moist, damp, or wet item present on the hardwood flooring needs to be removed as the moisture can soak into the wood resulting in damaging the wooden surface.
  2. Wipe Up Spills Immediately:
    Spills of any type must be wiped up immediately from the hardwood flooring in order to prevent the flooring from liquid penetration.
  3. Inspect & Fix Plumbing:
    The user needs to inspect the plumbing of hardwood flooring regularly to check for leaks that can cause the water to get inside the flooring. The leaks must be fixed immediately before they can become the reason of damage.
  4. Reinforce The Sealant:
    It has been recommended by the experts to periodically reinforce the sealant on to the hardwood flooring. Wax sealant need to be refinished annually whereas polyurethane or oil based sealants require maintenance after every few years.
  5. Cleaning Tips:
    In order to clean hardwood flooring, it has been recommended by the experts to use cleaners that are specially designed for the hardwood flooring. The user needs to clean the hardwood flooring with damp mop rather than soaked in mop head or cloth that spills water.
  6. Place Rug At The Entrance:
    In case, the room with hardwood flooring has an entrance connected with the exit, it is necessary to place a rug at the doorstep in order to protect the flooring from exterior moisture coming in.
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