Pros And Cons Of Wooden Toilet Seats: Advantages And Disadvantages

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wooden Toilet Seats

The toilet seat is an important part of the toilet. The user must consider the material of the toilet seat at the time of purchasing it. Traditionally almost all the toilet seats have been made using wood. The manufacturers construct seats by using various types of wood and then apply a varnish or any other sealant to finish and seal the material. The finishing process is important as it protects the wood from water and keeps the toilet seat sanitary and dry but still wooden toilet seats are more likely prone to rot than the seats that are made from synthetic materials. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of the wooden toilet seats so that the user can make their choice.

Pros Or Advantages

  1. Feel And The Appearance: One of the major benefit of the wooden toilet seat is that it looks very classic and has the traditional aesthetic that many owners like and gives warmth feel.
  2. Less Responsive: The other good thing about the wooden toilet seat is that it is less responsive to the weather conditions than some other synthetic materials, which means it won’t be cold to sit during the winter months as compared to toilet seats made from other materials.
  3. Soft Closing: Soft closing lid/cover feature is one of the best things in the wooden seat which means the user will never hear slamming noise from the bathroom.

Cons Or Disadvantages

  1. Ease Of Cleaning: The wooden toilet seat is not scratch-proof and durable as compared to the plastic seat. In case the user has cleaning and hygiene as a priority then a wooden toilet seat is not an option for them. The wooden seat gets dirty easily and requires more efforts in cleaning process.
  2. Scratch Resistant: When the children use the bathroom so the chances of the scratches are high. So wooden seats is not a good option for them instead they can go for thermoset plastic toilet seat that is completely scratch resistant.
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