Pros And Cons Of Thermofoil Cabinets: Advantages And Disadvantages

General Overview

The thermofoil cabinets are basically constructed with flexible vinyl. These cabinets offer very much smooth surface and look fabulous as well. Whether these cabinets are a perfect fit for the kitchens or not entirely depend on the specific need as these cabinets come with both advantages and disadvantages as well. These cabinets are not built with any metallic material and are usually found in either white or off white color ranges.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Thermofoil Cabinets?

The various advantages and disadvantages of the thermofoil cabinets are mentioned below.


  1. Cost Effective: The best part of these cabinets is they are less expensive in comparison with all cabinet choices available around.
  2. Maintenance: The cabinets are easy to maintain and clean and can be wiped off using a simple damp cloth.
  3. Warping: The cabinets offer higher resistance to the humidity a warping issues in comparison with the solid wood.
  4. Color And Design: The thermofoil cabinets provide the widest options in terms of both color and design variations.
  5. Resistance: The cabinets make the best choice for the kitchens as they offer good moisture resistance.

Disadvantages/ Cons

The disadvantages of the thermoil cabinets are mentioned as below.
  1. Quality: The quality of the cabinets is a matter of the concern as they are built with low-quality fiberboard that is used under the vinyl flooring.
  2. Finish: Due to the plastic-like appearance, these cabinets fit mostly into the modern interiors.
  3. Water Damage: In case of the particleboard get exposed to the water it will result in the buckling, deterioration, etc.
  4. Heat: The cabinets are very heat sensitive and cannot be installed nearby by heat sources like Oven, or stovetops, etc.
  5. Yellowish: After longer periods the cabinets offer an unpleasant yellow look.
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