Pros And Cons Of Scotch Guarding Furniture: Advantages & Disadvantages

Brief Overview

Scotchgard was discovered in the year 1952. It is a chemical spray which can be used as a protector for the carpets, fabric, and furniture products. It protects the area rugs, carpets, and fabrics from stains and dust. It is safe as in 2003 perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) get replaced with perfluorobutanesulfonic acid (PFBS). Scotchgard can be used on fabric and furniture products once a year. It is a water repellent and is good for keeping furniture products safe.
How Long Does Scotchgard Last?
When Scotchgard is applied on to the fabric and furniture products it lasts for 2 to 4 hours.
What Does Scotchgard Do For Couches?
The Scotchgard protects the couch and removes stain from the couches. It does not change the feel and appearance of the fabric.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Scotch Guarding Furniture


The advantages of Scotchgard furniture are listed below:
Repels Liquid: The Scotchgard is a part of chemical namely surfactants. It reduces the surface tension of the liquid and dissolves whatever comes in contact with it.
Versatility: The Scotchgard is versatile and protects fabrics and carpets from stains. It can be applied on colorfast textiles.


The disadvantages of Scotchgard furniture are:
Long Drying Time: The Scotchgard takes longer time to dry the furniture product. Without using fans and heaters Scotchgard dries furniture in one day.
Must Be Reapplied Periodically: The Scotchgard must be reapplied periodically on the furniture products. It must be reapplied at least once a year.
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