Pros And Cons Of Platform Beds: Advantages & Disadvantages

The platform beds are mainly used to offer immense support to the body and to the mattress as well. Apart from this, the platform bed is the blessing for those users who are having the knee or the back problem. These kinds of beds are one of the types of wood bed but this bed is having an elevated horizontal frame and is basically crafted with a low profile design. If desired the users can purchase it with or without head and the footboard. In order to support down the mattress, the users mainly use the slats to this bed so as to add the adaptability to the user. The slats that are used in this bed also offer better air-circulation and with this, it offers the prevention of building up the heat.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Platform Beds

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the Platform bed:


  • Under Storage Space: If in case the users are having the small bedroom area and are not having enough space then the platform bed is an ideal choice for them. The users can easily store up their old clothes beneath the bed as most of the platforms bed are having the underdrawers that can be pulled easily as these drawers consist of the wheels and the users can easily store up their necessities in these drawers.
  • Support Memory Foam: The users can easily place the mattress over the surface of the platform bed. The users are advised to use the memory foamed mattress rather than using any other mattress. The platform bed is having the sturdy surface and that is why the memory foam will get immense support that is required to maximize the life of the mattress.
  • Eliminates Box Spring Need: The platform bed is having the elevated mattress surface and that is why it eliminates the box spring need for the extra support.
  • Availability: The platform beds are available in many styles and each one of them can be purchased easily in the market. The users can easily select the platform bed as per their choice and need.
  • Good Air Ventilation: The better air circulation is mandatory for maximizing the life of the mattress. The platform bed assures the better air circulation by having the distance within the slats.


  • High Price: This is one of the major drawbacks of having the platform bed. If the users go for purchasing the cheap platform bed then they will find the issues within a few months after using this. Apart from this, it will also destroy their satisfaction with sleep. Without having good support the users will also lose their expensive mattress as well.
  • Difficult To Move: The platform bed is of the low-profile and it is very difficult to move it around. The users are advised to install their platform bed in a place where they don't need to move it again and again.
  • Knee And Back Pain: The platform beds are having the low-profile and that is why getting out from this bed can be problematic for the users who are having the back and the knee pain. The users need more effort so as to get out of the platform bed.
  • Side Sleepers: The users who are having the habit of sleeping from their side then this kind of bed can be very harmful to them. When they will get out of the bed they can feel the pain because of their immense firmness. The users are advised to sleep on their backs while they are using the platform bed. They can also use the box spring so as to adjust the proper height while using these platform beds.
  • Mess Beneath The Bed: Most of the people do not want to display the mess that is beneath the bed but if the users are using the platform bed this won't be possible for them to hide their mess.
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