Pros And Cons Of Mahogany Furniture: Advantages & Disadvantages

General Overview

Mahogany is a reddish-brown timber having straight grains and consists of three tropical hardwood species. The Mahogany wood is mostly used for the manufacturing of fine furniture. The wood can be carved with intricate details and it is very much durable that is the reason it is valued.
How To Tell Whether The Furniture Is Mahogany Or Not?
Mahogany Wood is smooth in texture and has a reddish brown or pinkish color which is mostly used to make furniture. It also has few knots or voids which makes it desirable and easy to work with while making a musical instrument or furniture.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Mahogany Furniture


Durability: Mahogany Wood is one of the hardest hardwoods as it is 70% harder and stable than other varieties of woods including Oak Wood which makes it more durable as well.
Appearance: Mahogany Wood Furniture has rich, beautiful, and variety of patterns which gives the place a romantic look and its unique character lets the user admire it.
Price: Mahogany Furniture products are reasonably priced due to the fact Mahogany Wood is readily available which makes it cost effective than exotic hardwoods.
Fade Resistance: Mahogany Wood absorbs sunlight which makes it fade resistant. This property is very useful if the user is looking to place the Mahogany Furniture directly facing sunlight.
Anti-Corrosive And Insect Repellent: Mahogany Wood is resistant to decay. Also, it is dense & compact which makes the Mahogany furniture anti-corrosive and its fragrance can be away termites.


Color Difference: Mahogany Furniture has a large color difference due to the fact it comes in pink color and if it is used in the large area, it will give unclear texture and will highlight the black sand.
Production: The production of Mahogany Furniture is limited to each year and the high quality of production is rarer.
Expensive: As Mahogany Furniture is good wood for furniture but its price is relatively higher for some customers requiring quality furniture.
Defective Goods: The customer needs to choose the product carefully because many individual businesses fool customer by selling them defective goods.
Fake Mahogany: There are various trees which have Mahogany in their names so the customer sometimes gets less expensive or Fake Mahogany which is less durable than the original Mahogany.
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