Pros And Cons Of Hardwood Flooring: General Overview, Advantages And Disadvantages

General Overview

Hardwood is derived from the hardwood trees and has long durability. As for as the hardwood flooring is concerned it is one of the most fascinating flooring options throughout the world from the thousands of years due to the fact this flooring has never lost its grace, and style despite dynamic environments and suites with all types of the interior designs ranging from modern, casual, to classic. Hardwood flooring is the ideal option for both residential and commercial spaces. Moreover, this flooring can be refinished and sanded as many times as the individual wants.

What Is The Difference Between Hardwood Or Laminate Flooring?

Some major differences between hardwood and laminate flooring are as follows:
Hardwood: Hardwood comes from the natural source and is high in thickness and durability. The flooring can be finished and stained ample times. However, hardwood may not suit well in the areas with higher humidity.
Laminate: The laminate is the factory made product that is precoated with clear resin-based coating. Compatible in the areas with high humidity.


The various advantages/pros of the hardwood flooring are mentioned below:
Matchless: The hardwood flooring offers unique choices and comes with its own natural finishes and tones. The hardwood is derived from a number of the different tree species that carry their own characteristics and patterns and offer the option to individuals to choose according to their desire.
Large Spaces: The flooring is ultimate for the places with large spaces as it is available in the large planks.
Repairing: The flooring can be repaired and refinished easily.
Durability: Since it is the natural product it comes with long durability and lasts for long.


Expensive: Choosing hardwood flooring costs more as compared to other flooring options.
Humidity: Hardwood flooring is not recommended for the place that are prone to flood or moisture.
Scratching: The flooring can get easily scratched particularly if used in high traffic areas.
Color Changing: Prolonged exposure to the sun may result in color change.

Hardwood Flooring In Kitchen/ Bedroom

The hardwood flooring in the kitchen/ bedrooms comes with both pros and cons. Some of them are mentioned below.


Attractive: The hardwood flooring comes with beautiful natural colors and grains to choose from that enhances the overall beauty and attractiveness of both kitchens and bedrooms
Durability: Comes with long durability.
Variety: Offers more design options for modern and contemporary room types including kitchens as well as bedrooms.
Protects From Allergy: The allergens hide in bedroom carpets and can be irritating for the individuals allergic to the dust and pollen. However, using hardwood flooring in bedrooms completely eliminates this factor.


Cost: Expensive option then other wooden flooring.
Water/ Vulnerability: Prone to dents and scratches as well as gets damaged by the water.
Maintenance: Needs to be refinished after every 10 years basis to maintain its looks.
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