Pros And Cons Of Faux Wood Blinds: Advantages & Disadvantages

General Overview

The faux wood blinds are consistently made from vinyl or from wood and synthetic materials, and the faux wood blinds are specially manufactured to look like real wood. The faux wood blinds are occasionally cheaper as compared to real wood blinds because the faux wood blinds are more cost-effective to synthesize. Another plus benefit of these blinds is here that the manufacturing process of these faux wood blinds is always environmentally friendly because producing faux wood blinds only needs fewer trees to cut down and the blinds themselves are frequently fully recyclable. If we talk about the durability of it then your faux wood blinds are also famous for more moisture-resistant of it as compared to real wood blinds, making this blinds specifically great from high humidity climate like a bathroom or simply a humid climate area. Their intransigence on moisture can make cleaning & care for them easier.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Faux Wood Blinds

The faux wood blinds come in many varieties of colors and finishes so that you can easily find blinds to suit the interior space completely. If you are going to buy faux wood blinds then its important to know the advantages as well as disadvantages of this type of blind. So here are the pros & cons of faux wood blinds:


  1. The faux wood blinds can look almost indistinguishable to real wood blinds.
  2. The faux wood blinds are easily available in a variety of finishes and colors.
  3. These faux wood blinds are very cost-effective as compared to another type of blinds such as wood blinds.
  4. These types of blinds are also environmentally friendly.
  5. This type of faux wood blinds are also moisture resistant and also durable.
  6. It is also very easier to maintain.


  1. The faux wood blinds are mostly heavy as we compare it to the real wood blinds.
  2. Not the “real deal” because if you look them closely then you will see that the appearance of these blinds are not the same as wood blinds.
  3. The faux wood blinds are made up of composite wood or vinyl and this is the main reason why it is not possible re-stained.
  4. Of course, the faux wood is faux wood, so the faux wood blinds do not have the same richness as we compare it to high-end genuine wood blinds.
  5. The embossed wood grain of these blinds can easily collect more dust and will make slats more difficult to clean.
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