Pros And Cons Of Cork Flooring: Advantages & Disadvantages

What Are The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Cork Flooring

The cork flooring is one of the best choices for the areas that desire a comfortable walk.


There are many advantages of cork flooring. Some of the main advantages are mentioned below:
  1. Soft To Walk On: The cork flooring has a sponge-like nature that makes it soft and comfortable to walk on. Cork flooring is better suitable for the areas where the customer has to stand for a long period of time like in kitchens. This flooring provides relaxation to feet, legs, and back.
  2. Absorbs Sound: The cork flooring is sound proof. The sponge nature of the floor absorbs the sound and reduces noise.
  3. Beauty: The cork has a natural beauty. It is available in different colors and patterns.
  4. Easy To Maintain: The cork flooring is easy to maintain and clean. To clean the cork flooring soft bristle broom can be used. Harsh cleaners should be kept away from the cork flooring.
  5. Can Last For Long: The cork flooring can last for longer time if properly maintained. Coasters can be used to prevent the cork floor from scratches and dents.
  6. Sustainable: The cork floors are environmental friendly. When burnt these floors do not release any toxic gas in nature.


The disadvantages of cork flooring are given below:
  1. Prone To Dents And Scratches: As the nature of the cork floor is soft, it easily gets scratches and dents on the surface. Placing heavy furniture products on the floor produces marks on the surface of the floor.
  2. Can Fade: When the floor comes in contact with the sun, the color of the floor fades and the appearance of the floor looks dull.
  3. Can Be Challenging To Install: The installation of cork flooring is very difficult task. A professional is to be hired for its installation.
  4. Requires Frequent Sealing: To maintain the cork floors look and protect it from the damage, it regularly needs to be coated with a sealant.
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