Pros And Cons Of Bamboo Flooring: General Overview, Advantages And Disadvantages

General Overview

From the last few decades, the demand for bamboo flooring is increasing dramatically due to its cost-effectiveness, eco-friendly characteristic, and diverse choices. Bamboo is basically the type of grass-derived from the bamboo tree that is engineered to create wood flooring. Bamboo flooring offers a number of types such as strand woven bamboo, parquet block flooring, etc.
How Durable Is Bamboo Flooring?
Bamboo flooring is very durable and is a wise and affordable choice in comparison with hardwood flooring. The bamboo flooring lasts for a long time and offers superb resistance to wear. Un-carbonized and certain strand-woven bamboo types of bamboo flooring offer tremendous endurance like red oak.

Advantages/ Pros

The main advantages/pros of using bamboo flooring are mentioned below:
1.Eco- Friendly: Bamboo grows at a much faster pace than hardwood trees and hence it is a sustainable and eco-friendly choice.
2.Affordable: The bamboo flooring is cost effective solution to hardwood flooring.
3.Endurance: The flooring is very hard and tough hence comes with long durability. Strand Woven bamboo flooring is ultimate for the high traffic areas because of its durability and hardness.
4.Versatile: Bamboo has versatile properties and can be utilized in diverse ways including underfloor heating, and conservatories, etc.
5.Compatible: Best for both subfloor and float over surfaces.
6.Easy Maintenance: The flooring requires minimum maintenance and look after.
7.Variety: The flooring offers ample options in designs, styles, sizes, and finishes.
8.No Allergy: The flooring is free from the allergens so good for those prone to allergy.

Disadvantages/ Cons

1.Bathrooms: The flooring cannot be used in bathrooms or in the spaces with maximum water.
2.Waterproof: The flooring lacks the waterproofing property.
3.Scratching: Prone to scratch if objects are dragged across the surface.
4.Contemporary: The flooring mostly offer contemporary look that does not suit to most of the interiors.
5.Toxic Chemicals: The use of toxic chemicals / adhesives like formaldehyde in its processing is the matter of concern.
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