Pros And Cons Of A Rectangular Bathroom Sink: Advantages & Disadvantages

Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Rectangular Bathroom Sink

Among the easiest and the least expensive way to increase the value of the home is to upgrade the bathroom sink as well as the fixtures. Nowadays, rectangular bathroom sinks are becoming increasingly the choice of users. Consider the advantages as well as disadvantages of a rectangular bathroom sink before making any decision. Some of the pros & cons are mentioned below:


  1. A rectangular bathroom sink can very quickly and easily change the complete look of the bathroom, adding a modern elegance over the traditional oval-shaped sink. The rectangular bathroom sinks are usually available in many sizes, designs, as well as colors, besides that they also include the under-counter mount, pedestal sink, as well as the above counter vessel sink.
  2. The rectangular pedestal sink has another advantage by providing a more flat surface where the user can put the soap, razor, or toothbrush as well. For the counter vessel sinks, the rectangular bathroom sink matches the sleek line of a new countertop as well as also gives the bathroom a luxurious atmosphere.
  3. The round sink has a classic look, but a rectangular sink looks a more modern and attractive. If the user is going for a stylish design, then it may be a better choice. Replacing the old oval bathroom sink with a new rectangular bathroom sink can help to modernize the entire look of the bathrooms while also adding the overall value of the home.


  1. The shape of the rectangular bathroom sink will mostly not fit in the countertop having cutout of an oval sink. If this is the case, then the user might need to replace the whole countertop for installing the rectangular sink. So make the accurate measurements before going on the replacement of the sink so that it will not overlap the drawers or cabinets.
  2. Another con is the cleaning side of the sink. Rectangular sinks are very awkward to clean and this is because the dirt tends to get accumulated in the corners.
  3. Just because the rectangular sinks are very stylish and modern nowadays, this doesn't mean that they will be in demand in the next five or ten years.
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