Properties Of Teak Wood: General Overview

General Overview

The teak wood belongs to the species of the flowering plant family known as the Lamiaceae. The common name of the teak wood is the Burmese Teak and the scientific name of the teak wood is Tectona grandis. The teak wood usually grows in the form of the long deciduous trees that are having the brown and the grey branches as well. The wood grains of the teak wood is straight but sometimes it can be interlocked and the wavy as well. The teak wood is very durable in nature and will last for many years without requiring less maintenance service.

Characteristics Of The Teak Wood

There are many characteristics of the teak wood and some among them are mentioned as follows:
  1. Dense: The teak wood is extremely dense in nature and this wood also contains a huge amount of the silica that can lead to the blunting of the corners and the edges.
  2. Resistant: This type of wood contains the high level of the oil and the teak wood is naturally resistant to any kind of decay and the attack caused by the termites.
  3. Hard And Durable: The teak wood is very hard and durable and that is why it is mainly used in making the furnishing products for the outdoor areas. The teak wood can also withstand in any type of harsh climate.
  4. Easy To Work: The teak wood is also having the easy Workability property as it can easily finish well.
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