Properties Of Acacia Wood: 7 Major Features

Features of Acacia Wood

Acacia is a type of hardwood that is harvested from the native trees of Hawaii & Australia. Acacia wood is very popular among people as it is used to construct premium quality furniture products. The appearance of Acacia wood is very attractive and it is quite strong as well. Acacia wood comes with a number of properties some of which are as follows;
  1. Strength: Acacia wood is reasonably strong compared to other types of hardwood. It is mostly used to make furniture and light construction work.
  2. Durability: When Acacia wood is compared with teak wood, it is moderately durable. Besides that, Acacia wood has better durability compared to various types of hardwoods.
  3. Weight: The weight of Acacia Wood is comparable to the weight of teak wood. Acacia wood is ranged between 0.60 - 0.75 in the air-dry specific gravity that averages around 0.72. Besides that, Acacia wood is quite dense due to its air-dry specific gravity.
  4. Color: The Acacia wood is available in several color options that range from dark red to light brown. The user can easily differentiate the acacia wood from sapwood as it is available in white-yellowish color.
  5. Wood Grain: Acacia wood comes in two different grain patterns i.e., wavy grain pattern & a straight grain pattern.
  6. Texture: The texture of acacia wood is quite smooth that makes it suited to decorative woodwork.
  7. Moisture: The acacia wood that has been air-dried comes in the moisture content of 12%. Besides that, a well-seasoned acacia wood lasts longer than normal with warping or shrinking.

Note: The overall conclusion of the above-given properties is that the acacia wood can be used as an alternative to solid teak wood.
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