Proper Way To Hang Crystals On A Chandelier: Step By Step Procedure Of Hanging Crystals On A Chandelier

Step By Step Procedure & Items Required For Hanging Crystals On A Chandelier

Usually, the crystal chandeliers can easily fill up the vacant spaces in the home areas and if the users are having the tall ceilings then the chandelier will easily add the shining touch to any dining room areas. The users are advised to analyze the space size before purchasing the chandelier that requires to get filled with the chandelier. Eventually, the tall ceilings can easily accommodate the taller chandeliers but the dining room require to have the shorter chandelier as they are supposed to get changes over the surface of the table. The users have also advised considering the chandelier weight before purchasing it as the chandelier that weights over the 50lbs need the fastened mounting only. The users can easily hang crystals on a chandelier at home by gathering the below-mentioned materials and then following the below-defined steps:

Materials Required

  • Circuit Tester, Screwdriver, Screws
  • Tape And Wire Nuts


  • Assemble The Parts: Start by assembling all the chandelier parts on the surface of the floor in order to make it completely ready for the hanging purpose.
  • Cut Off The Power: Then the users need to cut off the power to the fixture by simply switching the breaker off near to the box of the breaker. If desired the users can also detach their fuse box if in case, they are having the fuse box at their home. Then they need to examine the light fixture by using the circuit tester so as to be assured that the circuit does not consist of any electricity within it.
  • Cut Off The Wires: After that, the users require to cut off the wires and then detach the pre-existing fixtures. Then they need to mark down the wires by using the tape so as to note down how actually the wires are installed.
  • Affix The Hardware: Then affix the hardware of the chandelier with the affixed strap and then affix the affixing strap with the box of the junction by using the screws and the screwdriver as well.
  • Join The Wires: Now join the wires within the box of the junction with the chandelier wires in the uniform pattern like of the old fixture. Then cover up the wires by using the wire nuts and then insert the wires within the box of the junction.
  • Switch On The Electricity: Finally the users need to switch the breaker on or they need to reinsert their fuse box so as to switch on the electricity. Then they need to examine each and every chandelier part so as to be assured that each part of the chandelier is working in the perfect manner.
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