Process Of Whitewashing Wooden Floors: Procedure To Whitewash

Procedure To Whitewash Wooden Floors

Follow the below-given procedure in order to whitewash the wooden floors:
  1. Clean: The first step is to remove all the traces of the varnish, the best way to do that is by sanding with the help of the 180 grit sandpaper. It is very important to sand in the directions of the grains of the floor. Once all the varnish is cleaned than vacuum the floor to clean all the sanding dust.
  2. Solution: The next step is to prepare the solution by mixing one part of the water with 2 parts of the latex paint. In case the user likes heavier whitewash that time use one part of water with 3 parts of the paint. For the slightly darker color use the light gray color .
  3. Apply: The next step is to apply the whitewash to the floor use a 4-inch brush and start whitewashing in the grains of the wood. As the solution dries very quickly, so it is very important to paint small section at a time.
  4. Wipe: Once one section is completely painted than wipe the area with the lint-free rag this will help to remove some of the paint and the grains will be shown through.
  5. Check The Color: Once all the floor is dry, then check the color in case of uneven color use the sandpaper to even out the colors of the floor. Don't sand firmly and after that clean away all the dust by vacuum. Then apply the mineral spirit to remove the dust that the vacuum has missed.
  6. Seal: The last important step is to seal the floor with polyurethane this will help the whitewashed floor to last for a long time, the best is to use the water-based sealer as it smells less and dries quickly. Apply with the 4-inch brush in the long strokes allow the first coat to dry then go for the second coat.
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