Problems With Frameless Cabinets: Advantages & Disadvantages Of Frameless Cabinets

Advantages & Disadvantages Of The Frameless Cabinets

A frameless cabinet has the doors that are mounted on the side of the cabinet box instead of the surrounding frame. It is also known as the European-style cabinets, the frameless cabinets have their own set of advantages & disadvantages that are mentioned below:


The frameless cabinets have some of the advantages that are mentioned below:
  • Frameless cabinets are usually constructed in such a way that the cabinet door will attach directly with the sidewall of the cabinet. This in turn means that when the frameless cabinet doors are closed, then there will be no reveal or at surround around the door. For this, the frameless cabinet will often provide more contemporary, cleaner, as well as much more minimal appearance.
  • In a frameless cabinet, the user will have full access to the interior. This will help to make the cabinets seem very larger as well as also make them more functional and easier to use.


Some of the main problems with the frameless cabinets are as follows:
  • A frameless cabinet is not as strong as the framed cabinet. It has the framing anchors that hold the cabinets in place, providing extra support as well as also helping to retain rigidity. The frameless cabinet models often cost more in the labor than the framed cabinets & this is because of the extra installation process.
  • The other major problem with the frameless cabinets is that it may need adjustment in the areas where the ground shifts. The natural events like earthquakes, soil expansion, can force the frameless cabinets to get out of alignment as well as from their hinges. The imperfections in floors as well as in the walls can also affect the frameless cabinets more than the framed models. These kinds of problems may need additional doors as well as hinge adjustments with the span of time.
  • Especially in the wide frameless cabinets, the cabinet bottoms, as well as the shelves, are at the risk of the sagging if they are stored with the heavy objects, like small appliances, on them. The banding that is on the frameless cabinets front edges is prone to the peeling with the span of time, although this is not difficult to repair.
  • Hinges are less reliable since they are mounted to sidewalls that are often made from MDF rather than hardwood frames. Hinges on frameless cabinets may need continual adjusting in order to keep the doors straight and the cabinet fronts looking symmetrical.
  • The frameless cabinets may also be harder to install. There is a very smaller space for the error with frameless cabinets, which means that users may find it harder to install frameless cabinets themselves.
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