Pressure Treated Wood For Outdoor Furniture: General Overview, Pros And Cons

General Overview

Pressure treated wood is the special kind of wood that is treated with the preservatives to protect it against the termites, fungal decay, and microorganisms. A number of the chemicals are used to make wood pressure treated and some of them include Alkaline Copper Quaternary, and Micronized Copper Azole, etc. This wood is widely used for manufacturing of the outdoor furniture to make them withstand against the number of harmful elements like decay, fungus, etc.
Can You Use Pressure Treated Wood For Outdoor Furniture?
The pressure treated wood is one of the best choices for outdoor furniture as said above as well that wood comes with tremendous durability and strength and has a high resistance to various outdoor elements like decay and rot.

Advantages/ Pros

Pressure treated wood furniture is the best choice for outdoor furniture as the wood comes with ultimate advantages out of which some of them are mentioned below:
1.Cost Effective: The pressure treated outdoor wood furniture is very cost-effective than other available wood choices.
2.Sturdy: The wood comes with tremendous strength and has high resistance to the outdoor wear and tear.
3.Endurance: Not only the wood is strong but has ultimate endurance and lasts longer without losing its grace.
4.Resistance: Pressure treated outdoor wood furniture is less likely to get affected by the insects as the wood offers higher resistance to the insects due to the use of chemicals.
5.Versatile: The wood is compatible with any staining or painting.
6.Easy Repair: In case of any damage the wood is very easy to repair and does not cost much as well.
7. Environment-Friendly: Environment-friendly choices as the varieties of the pressure treated wood trees like pinewood has a fast growth rate.


1.Splitting: The pressure treated wood furniture may split of dry hence, regular examination is recommended.
2.Maintenance: Application of the penetrating sealers and stains on annual basis is must to keep it in good condition.
3.Toxic: Since the wood is chemically treated it release toxins if burned or cutted.
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