Pressed Wood Vs Particle Board: General Overview

General Overview


The particleboard is made from the process of the hot compression of the small wooden particles that are mixed with the bonding agent, and which is then formed in a sheet. The raw material that is used to make the particles is derived from the soft and hardwood and is a low coat wood species. The particleboard is available in different shape, size, and density. The different particleboard uses different types of the bonding agent.
Uses: It is widely getting used in the making of the cabinet furniture, roof, and partition, interior decorations, etc.
  1. Strong: It is strong, waterproof, and easy to handle.
  2. Nails And Screws: The particle Particleboard holds nails and screws very tightly, and also can be easily machined cut, drilled, glued and painted, milled, etc. .
  3. Low Price: Besides many benefits the particleboard is available at the low price.
  4. Swells: The other Advantages is that particleboard swells very less than natural wood, does not warp easily and it has soundproof and thermal properties.

Pressed Wood

The Pressed wood is actually any type of engineered wood that is used in building and furniture construction material. It is made from wood shavings, wood veneers, and particles, sawdust or wood fibers. Which area bonded together with a strong adhesive under pressure and heat.
  1. Versatile: It has a versatile nature and is available in various grades, sizes, and thickness.
  2. Easy To Work: It is work on it as it can easily cut, joint, drill, and glue the wood planks without damaging the strength of the wood.
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