Preserving The Natural Color Of Cypress Wood Outdoors: Important Tips To Preserve The Natural Color Of Cypress Wood

Important Tips To Preserve The Natural Color Of Cypress Wood Outdoors

Cypress timber or wood is a kind of wood that is frequently being used in the manufacturing of decks, siding, and various types of outdoor furniture as well as garden structures. Similar to cedar and redwood, cypress wood is naturally rot-resistant, which usually consists of a compound called cypressine that drives or forces away insects and decay organisms. Contrary to cedar and redwood, cypress does not contain a reddish hue, however, it comes in shades of amber brown, same to the colors of different types of honey. If cypress wood or timber is not treated in time, it fades to a silvery grey color within a short period of time, so it is important to treat cypress wood well in time. Applying exterior varnish, also known by the name of urethane, or other clear sealants at regular intervals will preserve the beautiful natural color of cypress wood in outdoor applications. In order to preserve the natural color of cypress wood outdoors, go through the below-mentioned tips carefully:
  1. The first thing you can do is to clean and sand the wood, as required, in order to get the cypress wood prepared for a varnish or wood sealer. In case of cleaning heavily soiled wood, you can use soap, water, and a scrub brush, otherwise, you can clean the wood using a chemical wood cleaner product. If the wood was earlier stained or sealed, take out the stain with sanding or a chemical wood stripper & then apply the varnish. However, if the wood is already varnished or is having a sealant that is still in good condition, then, in this case, a light sanding is all that is needed. Remove all the dust and debris and then allow the wood to dry entirely.
  2. Put or spread the varnish or oil finish on the cypress wood. It is important to apply the oil finishes generously with the help of a garden sprayer. Allow the oil to rinse or steep into the wood for the time period specified on the product label before wiping off the excess using a rag. Apply or spread the varnish with the help of a natural bristle paintbrush in various thin coats. Before applying the second coat of varnish, make sure that the first coat is entirely dry and then sand smoothly betwixt coats. Apply up to 8 coats in order to get maximum protection and a smooth, lustrous finish.
  3. You need to spread or apply the varnish on a regular basis, as needed. As far as oil finishes are concerned, you can reapply these finishes annually in order to prevent the natural cypress color from fading. Varnishes may last for at least two to three years and they will develop a chalky appearance when it is time to reapply.
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