Prefinished Hardwood Flooring Problems: Problems And Solutions

General Overview

Different problems may occur in the hardwood flooring and it is important to solve those problems for the durability of the hardwood floors. Some of the problems and their solutions are mentioned below:

Abnormal Gaps:

When the floor is too wet and the hardwood floorboards are installed on it then the flooring may result in abnormal gaps. Due to these gaps, the floor may look distorted. Hardwood floors are vulnerable to movement and after a certain period, there may exist gaps in the floorboards.
Solution: To repair the gaps in the hardwood floor slivers of wood can be attached within these gaps by using glue. Glue is applied to one side of the sliver and then fixed into the abnormal gaps.


The main cause of the buckling is the moisture present on the subfloor. Due to buckling the floorboards lifts off from the subfloor and the flooring pops along the wall. The buckling can also be caused if the nails are not spaced correctly, the use of wrong sized nails, use of an incorrect trowel for applying the glue, etc.
Solution: The remedy for buckling is that to remove the moisture or maintain the level of moisture in the subfloor and if the floorboards are cracked then replace the boards.

Peeling Finish:

The finish on the hardwood floors peels off due to the insufficient cleaning of the floors. The stain residue left on the floor surface causes the floor to peel the finish. So it is important to clean the extra stain from the floor as quickly as possible.
Solution: The solution for peeling the floor finish is to sand the bare wood and start the finishing process. Then apply the polish finish on the floor that will flow into the pores and makes the new finish bond with the floor and prevents peeling of the finish.
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