Power Washing Teak Furniture: Tips To Power Wash

Tips to Power Wash a Teak Furniture

It has been recommended by the experts not to power/pressure wash teak furniture because high pressure and fine streaming can cause the teak furniture surface to become pitted and bumpy. In order to fix such bumpy and pitted areas on teak furniture, the user needs to sand the entire furniture. In case, the user still wants to clean his teak furniture by power washing, he needs to follow the below-given tips:
  1. Use Less PSI Pressure Washer:
    For careful power washing, it has been recommended by the experts to use a power washer with less PSI. The user can also turn down the volume of his high power while washing the teak furniture.
  2. Use Wide Spray Nozzle:
    In case, the user has several nozzles, he needs to attach the widest nozzle with his power washer.
  3. Nozzle Distance:
    While power washing, the user needs to keep the nozzle of his power washer at least 12 inches away from the teak furniture.
  4. Starting Point:
    In order to see how strong the power washer is and at what distance the nozzle should be kept from teak furniture while power washing, it has been recommended by the experts to start power washing from the underside of the teak furniture.
  5. Strokes:
    The user can get the best results from the power washing by using nice and even strokes rather than going for short and quick strokes that can create the bathtub rings at the end of each stroke.
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