Porcelain Wood Tile Pros And Cons: Advantages & Disadvantages

General Overview

Porcelain Wood Tile is actually not a tile made of wood rather it gives a look similar to the actual Wood Flooring. Porcelain is very strong having hard grains and is made of translucent ceramic material. It also consists of feldspathic rock, quartz, and kaolin that have been fired at a very high temperature. Porcelain is also known as true porcelain and hard-paste porcelain.
Are Porcelain Tiles Safe To Use?
Porcelain Tiles can be used for residential and light commercial purposes. The Tiles are rated 4 stars by Porcelain Enamel Institute and have resistance to scratches. The Tiles are a good choice to be used at outdoor space with cold weather climates.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Porcelain Wood Tiles


Porcelain Wood Tiles have so many advantages than the actual wood flooring that are mentioned below:
  1. Durability:
    Porcelain Wood Tiles are a bit more durable than actual hardwood flooring and can last for up to twenty years if properly maintained. The Tiles can also be replaced easily than the hardwood flooring.
  2. Maintenance:
    The maintenance is very easy as it only requires polishing after few years rather than wood flooring which require more maintenance, especially at moisture areas.
  3. Resistance To Allergens:
    Due to the hard surface of Porcelain Wood Tiles, Allergens doesn't get space to settle in. The Tiles can also be cleaned very easily in order to avoid Allergens.
  4. Weather Suitability:
    Porcelain Wood Tiles are very much suited to all weather conditions without getting any effect rather than wood flooring that gets affected by heat, rain & snow.
  5. Design Options:
    The Tiles are available in a number of designs and color options which include wood patterns.
  6. Less Expensive:
    The Porcelain Wood Tiles are less expensive comparative to wooden floorings and if the user tries out hardwood flooring, that will be much more expensive.
  7. Noise Proof:
    The Tiles are more condensed that doesn't allow noise to echo off rather than wooden floorings that are louder in noise while walked over or when something drops on to it.
  8. Eco-Friendly:
    The Porcelain Wood Tiles made of ceramic are environment-friendly due to their source than the wooden floorings that are made due to the cutting down of trees and it takes a trees years to reach maturity.
  9. Cleaning:
    The Cleaning of Porcelain Wood Tiles is very easy and can be done with most of the cleaning products. Whereas wood flooring requires regular vacuuming and cleaning in order to avoid grit from damaging and has limited cleaning products.


Some disadvantages of Porcelain Wood Tiles to actual hardwood flooring are mentioned below:
  1. Slippery:
    Porcelain Wood Tiles are very much prone to slips than the hardwood flooring that is resistant to slips. The Tiles can also become more slippery during wet conditions.
  2. Installation:
    The installation of Porcelain Wood Tiles is a hectic process as any tom & jerry can do it. It rather requires an expert who can spot imperfections & hairline cracks in the floor.
  3. Colder:
    The person living in cooler climates can find the tiles notoriously cold that can look even cooler while stepping on in the morning.
  4. Discomfort:
    It is very uncomfortable to stand on the tiles for long periods rather than other flooring types which are very much comfortable. Also, if the user has chosen Porcelain Wood Tiles for the kitchen, he needs to purchase an anti-fatigue mat which he can place at the sink while standing for comfort.
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