Polypropylene Furniture Advantages: Characteristics, Benifits And Disadvantages

What Are The Major Characteristics Of Polypropylene?

Polypropylene is a type of thermoplastic polymer resin that can be used in many products including the furniture items and has many industrial as well as commercial applications. Below are some of the characteristics of the Polypropylene that makes it a good choice for making furniture:
Fatigue Resistance: This property of Polypropylene means that it can retain its shape even after a lot of torsions, bending, and/or flexing.
Elasticity And Toughness: Polypropylene is strong enough to handle all types of impacts.
Transparent Furniture: Polypropylene material is the best choice for making the transparent furniture.
Ability: Another important characteristic is its ability to function both as plastic material and fiber as well.
All these characteristics of the Polypropylene make it the best choice for furniture making.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Polypropylene Furniture


Some of the advantages are mentioned below:
Cost Effective: Polypropylene material is readily available which in turn means it is relatively inexpensive.
Strength: Polypropylene furniture is very strong and has a good impact resistant strength.
Water Resistant: It is best choice for making the outdoor furniture because of their ability to withstand the moisture.
Weight: Polypropylene Furniture is light in weight and very flexible.


Although Polypropylene has many benefits, it also has some cons which are mentioned below:
Highly Flammable: Polypropylene material is high flammable material that catches fire easily.
Difficult To Paint: Polypropylene furniture has slippery surface and this is the reason it is known to be difficult for painting and has poor bonding properties.
Color Degradation: It is susceptible to UV degradation.
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