Platform Bed Disadvantages: Pros And Cons

Pros And Cons Of Platform Bed

The platform beds are a type of wooden bed that has a raised horizontal frame. It's generally designed with a low profile look. These beds often come with the head and foot board or can also come without that. To support the mattress the platform beds use the slats and this will also add the flexibility to the sleeper. The slatted surface also promotes the good air-ventilation that will help the user to cool down and will prevent the heat from building up. There are different types of Platform beds like Solid Surfaces, bed with Slats, Head Or Foot board bed, a platform bed with Metal Support.


  1. Comfort: The platform beds are very comfortable as it reduces the heat retention, this is due to the fact that it has the slats that allow the smooth airflow. Even some platform beds do not have the slats still it has the holes for the ventilation and airflow purpose.
  2. Storage: Most of the platform beds often comes with the extra storage whether in the shape of drawers or the user can place some item under the bed but not in case of low profile one.


In addition to advantages, platform bed has lots of cons which are mentioned below:
  1. High Price: One of the main disadvantages of the platform bed is its high price as it is not affordable to everyone.
  2. Knee And Back Pain: The platform beds are usually low profile, which means that getting in or out can be difficult for the people having some back and knee pain, this is due to the fact that it requires little extra effort to get up from the bed.
  3. Difficult To Move Around: This is the low profile heavy bed, which makes it difficult and painful to move around. So it's advisable to install the platform bed at a place where it's not needed to move from one place to another.
  4. Side Sleepers: It is very harmful for the side sleepers. The users who have the habit of sleeping from their side will have a tough time with the platform bed. After the user gets up from the bed, they may feel strong pain in their body because of its firmness.
  5. Lower To The Ground: This bed is lower to the ground which means the user may need to apply the extra effort for getting in or out from the bed.
  6. Under-Bed Drawer Stuck: The wheel of the under-bed drawer gets stuck sometimes. This is due to the reason that after the heavy use of the drawers the wheel gets stuck. So the user should use the quality wheels to avoid this issue. The extra weight material that are kept in the drawer can also cause the problem.
  7. Mattress Not Support: Only the Memory foam mattress is well supported to the platform bed. The user can also use others but may not receive the same results as from memory foam.
  8. Mess: Most of the people do not like to show the mess under the bed. But in the case of a platform bed, it is not possible to hide the mess because there is no way to use an extra skirt.
  9. Corners Of The Mattress: Its also very difficult to lift the corners of the mattress on the platform bed, lifting the mattress can be an annoying and stressful process.
  10. No Space Underneath: Most of the platform beds are too low and are close to the ground or floor. Although this not serious drawback but some people like to hide their goods under the bed so that people can go for the platform bed with the storage drawers.
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