Pine Wood Furniture Advantages: General Overview, Pros & Cons

General Overview

Pine Wood is one of the popular woods which grow all around the world and due to its resistance and stiffness, it is mostly used in furniture manufacturing. Also, Pine Wood is soft in nature due to which it becomes easier to work with it during the making of furniture. Usually, Pine Wood was used to make craftsman, rustic, and colonial style pieces which with time have completely changed and at present, it is used to make various styles of furniture which includes contemporary furniture products.
How many types of Pine Wood are there?
All around the world, there are 115 species of Pine Wood but there are many authorities that accept that Pine Wood has 105 - 125 species.

Pros & Cons Of Pine Wood Furniture


Weight: Furniture made of Pine Wood is slightly heavy but when it is compared with other hardwood furniture products such as Oak Furniture, it is lighter in weight which makes it easier to move from place to place.
Color: Pine Wood is lighter in color which makes it ideal to suit with other home furnishing products, wall colors or patterns.
Price: Pine Wood Furniture is cheaper in price than similar versions of Oak Furniture products and the reason for the price difference is due to the fact that Pine grows all over the world.
Color Change Options: Pine Wood can take various color options which include stain & paint. Also, the user can opt for its natural color by applying a clear coat finish on it.
Shock Resistance: Due to the Shock resistance of Pine Wood Furniture, the damage of impact is minimal.
Environment: Making furniture out of Pine Wood doesn't affect the environment because Pine Wood trees grow faster and all those trees which are cut down to make the furniture are replaced with the new growth.
Swelling & Shrinking Resistance: Due to the change in temperature & humidity, most of the furniture products will swell or shrink while Pine Wood Furniture is resistant to it.


Maintenance: Due to its tendency to get damaged, scratched, and gain a patina over time, Pine Wood furniture requires more maintenance than other hardwoods such as Oak.
Styles: Pine Wood can be used to work for most styles which lean towards rustic or country look rather than modern style look. People who are looking to purchase modern style furniture products should switch to other wood types.
Excessive Knots: At the time of purchasing Pine Wood Furniture, check out the Knots and if they form a hole into the furniture or not because excessive Knotting can weaken the furniture.
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