Peeling Laminate Cabinets: Steps To Repair Doors

Steps To Repair Peeling Laminate Cabinet doors

A Laminate cabinet door is said to be peeling when it’s facing come off due to the moisture present in the room place. The peeling laminate cabinet doors can be repaired by following the below-given steps;
  1. Check The Core Board Condition: Before beginning the repair process, the user needs to check the condition of the core board that is usually made of particleboard or fiberboard. If the core board is blackening or swelling due to the mold, it would be better to replace the core board rather than re-gluing the laminate. If the core board is sound and sturdy, the user needs to re-glue the laminate over it.
  2. Remove Doors & Hardware: The re-gluing process starts by removing the peeling laminate doors from the cabinets. The hinges and handles should also be removed from the doors by using a screwdriver.
  3. Peel Back Loose Laminate: After that, the user needs to place doors over a flat surface and peel back the laminate from the doors with fingers. It has been recommended to peel back laminate as far as it will go. If the doors have loose laminate edges, the user needs to peel back the edges first followed by the laminate facing. The user needs not to apply too much force on the peel back process as it can damage the laminate facing and edges.
  4. Apply Contact Cement/Glue: The next step will be to apply contact cement/glue over the core board and the underside of the peeled back laminate. The contact cement/glue used must be waterproof & solvent-based and it should be applied in a thin layer using a paintbrush.
  5. Keep The Surfaces Separate: After that, the user needs to keep the glued core board & laminate separated by placing a ruler or pencil in between the surfaces in an erect position. The glue should be allowed to set over the surfaces for about 10 minutes before proceeding to the next step.
  6. Attach The Glued Surfaces Together: The next step will be to attach the glued surfaces together. First, the user needs to remove the separated item between the surfaces and then press the laminate over the core board. In order to secure the glue bond, the user needs to put two scrap wood pieces over the glued area in the front and back sides followed by clamping the pieces together using C-.clamp
  7. Remove Clamp And Re-Attach Hardware & Doors: The last step will be to remove the clamp once the glue has bonded well in between the surfaces. After that, the user needs to re-attach hardware back to the doors and then reattach the doors back to the cabinets using a screwdriver or any other suitable tool.
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