Patio Furniture With Adjustable: Outdoor Feet & Garden Table, Adjustable Backs & Legs

Garden Furniture With Adjustable Outdoor Feet

Stainless Steel -Screw-In Feet Glide Leveler For Patio Furniture: This feet leveler is ideal for outdoor furniture to adjust height and level according to the requirement. Solid adjustable feet have high-quality stainless steel construction and are durable.
4 Pcs Glides For Outdoor Patio Table Bases: The adjustable feet is ideally designed to suit outdoor tables whether for home or commercial purpose. The base of the feet is built up of high-quality black plastic that prevents the floor from scratches, etc.

Garden Table

Del Mar 3 Piece Adjustable Table Bistro Set: is an adjustable table with two chairs in a platinum grey finish. This set is fit for every kind of outdoor event offered at reasonable rates with durability and long-lasting time.
Giantex Mosaic Round Side Accent Table: Beautiful table is the perfect addition to any outdoor or balcony as the table offers superb colors and attractive texture. Combination of the glass and solid metal make this table strong and perfect choice for the garden.

Patio Furniture With Adjustable Backs & Legs

Patio furniture is crafted with adjustment feature at both on its backside and basement area to provide full comfort. Some examples of cozy patio furniture with adjustable backs are Cayman Isle Sling Adjustable Patio Chair propounded in many colors like jet, platinum, pewter, chocolate can be adjusted according to taste.
Patio Table With Adjustable Legs
New Smart Table Companion Foldable Table with adjustable white tray top and legs is easy to carry anywhere and can be used for both indoor and outdoor process. 2'x4' Folding Table is another sample of Patio adjustable table having thick aluminum frame in well finished silver shade.
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