Patio Furniture At ACME Markets: Overview

General Overview

The acme patio furniture is designed and crafted from the best quality material in a way that it can withstand all the weather elements such as sunshine, dirt, rainy season, etc. Besides that, the customer will find a huge range of patio furniture products that are upgraded from time to time.


ACME deals with all types of Outdoor furniture products such as Outdoor Dining, Sleepers, Shelter Umbrella, and many other outdoor furniture products. Some of the ACME outdoor furniture products available in the market are:
  • Kleef 5-Piece Dining Set:
  • This dining set consists of 4 chairs & a dining table.
  • ACME Kleef 8-Piece Dining Set:
  • This dining set provides dining space for 7 people that mean it consists of 7 seating spaces & a dining table.

The above-mentioned outdoor furniture Products along with all other ACME outdoor dining furniture products are upholstered using premium quality fabric and their table top consists of Faux Marble. Apart from that, all the dining tables of the ACME furniture have open shelf storage.
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