Patio Chair Repair Mesh: Easy Steps Replacement Or Fixing

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General Overview

The mesh patio chairs offer both style and comfort and look completely unique and elegant. These chairs being outdoors for the entire period can result in the mesh damage. The mesh of the chairs can be damaged by the number of factors that includes changes in temperature like extremely hot or cold environments. The UV rays and moisture built up also damage the chair meshes in the long run. Hence storing the mesh chairs in winter or rainy season and keeping them away from the direct sunlight is one way to maintain their beauty for long.

Steps Of Replacement Or Repairing The Mesh

Various steps to replace or repair the mesh chairs are mentioned as below.


Prior to getting engaged in the repair task, it is very much important to inspect the entire chair properly to make the precise repairing and replacement. Few items that need to be inspected are bolts, frames, etc.

Frame Repairing

The first step is to start repairing the chair frame that includes the following steps.
  1. Sanding: Sand the entire chair frame in order to eliminate all the old oil, dirt and other built up properly in order to get it ready for the new finish.
  2. Finishing: Once the sanding is done the new finish and powder coating must be applied o the floor. this will include things like resin and additives.
  3. Curing: The curing is the process of the hardening the frame coating at 400-degree temperature.

Repair/ Replacement Sling

  1. Cutting A New Sling: There are a number of slings in different styles and colors and choose the one that meets the desire. Cut the sling according to the measurements to make the precise fit to the chair.
  2. Installation: Stich the sling in order to install it. It is advised to consult the mesh professional in order to achieve satisfactory results.
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