Patching Hardwood Floors: Steps To Patch

General Overview

The Hardwood floors make a beautiful and elegant home and the best thing about these floors are that they are water resistant. The hardwood floors some times get damaged, stretched or stained easily with the stains of tea, coffee and get damaged or stretched with heavy and sharp things. While moving the furniture and other electric appliances the hardwood floor gets damaged so remember to use safety pad while moving something heavy on the hardwood floor. The refinishing and repairing process of the hardwood floor is expensive and not an easy work to do. So patching the hardwood floor is also a solution to fix the damaged hardwood floor.

Steps To Patch Hardwood Floors

In order to patch the hardwood floors, the user needs to follow the below mentioned steps:
  1. Replace: The first step to start patching process is to determine size of damaged floor and bring the new piece of hardwood floor.
  2. Stain Color: Bring wood stain and polyurethane finish that matches the wood floor. Test the wood stain on scrap boards.
  3. Bore A Hole: Bore a hole in order to remove the old damaged piece form hardwood floor.
  4. Circular Saw: It is highly recommended to wear the eyes protection when the user is using circular saw and cut the piece of new wood floor according to the size of damaged area.
  5. Trim: Now trim a new board of hardwood floor with electric saw.
  6. Urethane Adhesive Now place new board in the empty space and apply the Urethane Adhesive glue on corners of the piece.
  7. Sandpaper: Use small grit sandpaper and sand it lightly then apply the wood stain on the hardwood piece with paintbrush.
  8. Dry: Finally let the hardwood piece dry for a maximum of 4-5 hours.
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