Particle Board VS Plywood: Cabinets, Flooring, Shelving Roofing And MDF

Particle Board Vs Plywood Cabinets/Flooring/Shelving/Roofing

There are many differences between the particle board and Plywood and some among them are as follows:

Particle Board

  1. Composition: The particle board is crafted from the wood fibres that are affixed together and even sometimes are used as a molded.
  2. Stability: The Particle board is having a great stability and that is why it does not bend because of the temperature alterations and some other environmental changes as well.
  3. In-Expensive: The Particle board is less expnsive because it is mainly crafted from the wood scraps and other leftover wood particles.
  4. Smooth Surface: The Particle board is having a smooth surface that lets the furnishing products to add more glaze and charm to any furniture product.


  1. Composition: The Plywood is crafted from many layers of the venner wood that is affixed together varying the wood grain for extra stability.
  2. Durability: The Plywood is having a great superior manufacturer durability as it can easily behold any screws and other items efficiently.
  3. Weight: The Plywood is less weighted and that is why it a best choice while crafting the hanging cabinets.
  4. Water Resistant: The Plywood does not easily soak up or get swelled if left in water for a minimum period of time.

Particle Board VS Plywood VS MDF

Here are some of the differences between the particle board, plywood, and the MDF:

Particle Board

  1. Ready Made: The Particle wood is abolutely perfect for the ready to made furnishing products.
  2. Installation: The Particle wood is absolutely easy to install as it can be installed within the seconds.
  3. Affordable: The Particle board is much cheaper than the rest of other woods.


  1. Paintable: The Plywood can easily be stained and painted.
  2. Availability: The plywod is also available in diferent size dimensions and colour finishes.
  3. Strong: The Plywood is a very strong wood that can withstand any weight and other movements as well.


  1. Easy To Paint: The MDF Wood is having a smooth surface and that is why it can be painted easily without any difficulty.
  2. Easy Cutting: The MDF can also be cutted easily into pieces.
  3. Denser: The MDF is quite dense in nature than the rest of other two types of wood.
  4. Low Cost: The MDF is less expensive as compared to other woods.
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