Particle Board Vs Engineered Wood: Brief Overview

Benefits Of Particle Board And Engineered Wood

Particle Board

Particleboard is a type of board that is manufactured by applying heat and pressing together the scrap wood chips, sawdust, and other wood resin. It is a product made from wood-waste. For making the particleboard products water-resistant, chemicals are applied on to the particleboard product like a wax, wet agents, dye, etc. Wood scrap and the chemical is mixed, then a liquid mixture is formed into the sheet, then wood bits are compressed in the sheet so that the tightest bond creates among them. OSB (oriented strand board) is a type of particleboard that is mostly used to build the wall base and floor. The advantages of the particleboard are given below:
  1. Cost: The particleboard is available in the market at low rate.
  2. Weight: The particleboard is not heavy, these boards are light in weight.
  3. Ready-Made: It is regarded as one of the best option for ready-made furniture.

Engineered Wood

The engineered wood products are manufactured by combining the fibers, strands, particles, or veneer by using the adhesive. The engineered wood products have commercial, industrial, and home applications. These wood products are made from softwood and hardwood. The engineered wood products are plywood, MDF, etc. The advantages of engineered wood are as under:
  1. Versatile: The engineered wood has a versatile nature and is available in various grades, sizes, and thickness.
  2. Easy To Work: While working on the engineered wood the users can easily cut, joint, drill, and glue the wood planks without damaging the strength of the wood.
  3. Efficient: The wood products made from engineered wood can be used efficiently.
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