Particle Board Furniture Advantages And Disadvantages: Pros And Cons

Advantages/Pros And Disadvantages/Cons of Particle Board Furniture

Particle Board wood is also known as LDF (low-density fibrewood) and chip wood. The Material used to make particle wood is a synthetic resin, wood chips, and a suitable binder. This type of material needs to be extruded and pressed in order to make the perfect particle wood. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of the particle wood; the user needs to read it carefully before buying these types of woods.


  1. Cost-effective: You can easily save your enough money because the particle board furniture is easily available at affordable prices.
  2. Light-weight: This type of board is very easy to transport or handle because the weight of this particle board is not so heavy.
  3. Capacity: The particle board furniture has more capacity than other plywood in order to hold the nails and screws. The cutting process of these wood is also very easy.
  4. Renewable And Environmentally Friendly: The particle wood is easily renewable and also an environmentally friendly wood because these types of wood are made up of different types of natural resources like the bagasse (waste of sugarcane), sawdust, wooden shavings.
  5. Sound & Thermal Proof: There is no chance of natural defect in this particle board wood furniture and has good properties of soundproof and thermal. Theaters, the ceiling of auditoriums, etc is the best place to install these woods.


  1. Less Strength: The particle wood does not have enough strength as compared to other plywood furniture and fiber woods.
  2. Low Durability And Life: The lifespan and durability of these wood is very less as compared to other medium density plywood and fiber wood has more durability and lifespan.
  3. Warp In Humidity & Moisture: The particle wood has less resistance to humidity and moisture.
  4. Heavy Loads: The particle board furniture cannot support heavy loads because it is suitable for low weight.
  5. Not Eco-friendly : The particle wood furniture is not Eco-friendly as compared to other solid wood furniture.
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