Painting Vinyl Shutters With A Brush: Best & Easy Way Of Brush Painting Vinyl Shutters

Best & Easy Way Of Painting Vinyl Shutters With A Brush

If the vinyl shutters are old and have become faded, so they need to bring back to their original color which can make the home look new and more valuable. The best way for preparing and painting the vinyl shutters with the brush are mentioned below:

Preparing Shutters

  • Before starting the paint job for vinyl shutters, it is important that they must be properly cleaned as well as primed for paint. The easy and the best way is to clean them with the household bleach or any degreaser.
  • The lacquer thinner is the best option to remove the old paint as well as tough stains from vinyl shutters. Apply the thinner on a rag or on a paper towel then start to scrub the affected spot. The user can also use the soft bristle brush to scrub away the stains without damaging the finish of the vinyl shutter.
  • If in case the user wants to keep a similar color as the original vinyl, then most of the latex exterior paints can be brushed directly onto the vinyl shutters. If they want a lighter shade or a color that will contrast with the original color, that time prime with a light grey or with the white before applying the final color of the paint on shutters.

Paint Vinyl Shutters

  • The vinyl shutters can be painted easily with the brush in the same way as the wood shutters. The best and easy way to paint vinyl shutters is with a wide, flat brush, and apply in long strokes and be sure to apply the thinner coats.
  • The first coat should be completely dried before applying another coat. It is highly advisable not to try to cover the entire vinyl shutter with just one coat of the paint.
  • The paint rollers are the best option for wide as well as flat surfaces, but they will not work on vinyl shutters. The user will still need to take a flat brush to paint in between all the shutter slats after using a roller, so the brush is the best option for shutters.

Best Paints For Vinyl Shutters

The latex paints are the best option for vinyl shutters. The oil paints will not bond well to the vinyl shutter’s surface and will easily peel off or crack once the shutter shrinks or expands with the change in seasons.
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