Painting Over Varnish: Steps To Paint

Steps To Paint Over Varnish

The varnish is a clear and transparent hard film or protective finish made for giving a shiny look for wood products. The varnish is used after applying primer and paint to wood products to give a clear and shiny view. If the user wants to paint over the varnish then here are some of the easy and simple steps to follow. Just follow the given steps carefully to get the best results.

Cleaning And Sanding The Wood

  1. Household Cleaner: The first step to paint over varnish is to take a spray bottle and a household cleaner. Put some water and household cleaner in a spray bottle and mix it well then start spraying the wood. Use a scouring pad to remove any dirt or minor stain.
  2. Wood Putty: Check if there is any type of cracks or imperfections, if any then fill the cracks with wood putty. Use a putty knife and take some wood putty and spread it over on affected area. Wood putty will fill the minor spots and holes on wood.
  3. Dry: After that wait as Wood putty will take maximum 20-30 minutes to dry completely.
  4. Sandpaper: After drying the putty use the fine grit sandpaper(120-220) to make the wood surface smooth. Medium grit sandpaper (60-80) are used to give extra-smooth finish.
  5. Wipe Down: Now Wipe down the surface completely to remove dust and small litter from the wood. Use vacuum cleaner for instant cleaning.

Applying The Primer And Paint

  1. Paint Roller: Use small or medium size paint roller to start the work. Long handled paint roller is best to cover large area.
  2. Water-based Primer: Now apply a thick coat of water-based primer on wood with a thin paintbrush (2.5–5.1 cm) and let the primer dry for maximum 30-60 minutes. Repeat this process for 2-2 times.
  3. Coat Of Paint: Use rust-oleum synthetic varathane paint. Paint the wood with the roller or with the paint sprayer. Apply at least 2-3 coats of paint.
  4. Dry: Now let the paint dry for maximum 24 hours. Leave the fan and windows open for faster drying the wood or the user can keep the wood under the sunlight directly.
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