Painting Metal Patio Furniture With A Brush: Steps To Paint

Steps To Paint Metal Patio Furniture With A Brush

Metal Furniture is a popular choice for outdoor space due to its durability. The metal furniture can last for a lifetime but need to be repainted after every 5-10 years. The steps to follow in order to paint metal patio furniture with a brush are:
  1. Prepare Workspace:
    Before beginning the painting process, the user needs to place his metal patio furniture in a well-ventilated and an open area where it won't get touched by bugs, pets, and people during drying. Also, the user needs to gather all the supplies required for the process such as scrub brush & rugs, the fine grit sandpaper, oil-based metal paint, paint tray, foam brushes, cleaning solution, and a 3M metal finishing pad.
  2. Clean Metal Furniture:
    Cleaning is a necessary step in every painting process and it has been recommended by the experts to clean metal patio furniture thoroughly to remove any dirt embedded on it. In order to clean metal patio furniture, TSP cleaning solution with warm water is recommended by many experts. The user needs to clean the furniture first with a rag followed by scrubbing the entire furniture with a brush in order to reach for cracks, gaps, and corners. Apart from that, once the furniture is cleaned with TSP solution, the user doesn't need to rinse it rather let it dry completely before proceeding forward.
  3. Sand The Furniture:
    The next step after that will be to sand down the entire metal patio furniture in order to remove the sheen from the old finish so that the new paint adheres on to it. It has been recommended by the experts to use a 3M Metal finishing pad to scuff the furniture perfectly. The pad can simply be wrapped around metal and can get into small areas as well. Alternate to the metal pad, the user can sand the furniture with fine grit sandpaper.
  4. Paint The Furniture:
    The step afterward will be to vacuum sanding dust from the metal patio furniture and its surrounding area. After that, the user needs to apply a coat of oil based metal paint on to the entire metal furniture by using a 1? foam brush. The user needs to avoid as much brush strokes as possible during the step. The user can also apply a second coat of paint once the first coat dries. It is necessary to sand the furniture with 300 grit sandpaper followed by vacuuming before applying the second coat of paint.
  5. Let The Metal Furniture Dry:
    After applying two coats of paint, it is necessary for the user to let the metal patio furniture dry completely. By allowing enough time for drying, the paint cures the furniture well which increases its durability. Once the paint dries and cures well, the user can put the metal patio furniture back to use.
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