Painting Melamine Wardrobe Doors: Ultimate & Easy Steps To Paint Melamine Wardrobe

Ultimate & Easy Steps To Paint Melamine Wardrobe Doors

The Melamine is actually a resin that is hard, sturdy plastic material and is often used to make inexpensive furniture as well as cabinets. The melamine is very difficult to cover with paint. However, proper preparation and priming are essential to achieve the best results in the paint job. The easy steps for painting the melamine wardrobe are as follows:
  1. Unscrew: Begin the process by unscrewing all the hardware from the wardrobe with the help of an appropriate screwdriver. This is also the best time for soaking the hardware to clean it before either painting or polishing it.
  2. Solution: The next step is to prepare a solution by filling a bucket with warm water and adding a small amount of mild dishwashing detergent to it. After that wet a sponge in the solution and start scrubbing the wardrobe to remove dirt and grime then dry the wardrobe thoroughly with the help of clean towel.
  3. Sanding: Using a fine-grit sandpaper now lightly sand the wardrobe. The sanding will help the primer to adhere more strongly to the surface.
  4. Remove Dust: After the sanding is done clean all the area to remove the sanding dust, with the help of slightly dampen cloth.
  5. Primer: After completing the above steps its time to apply a primer that should be made especially for covering melamine surfaces, apply with either a paintbrush or using a small roller. Different primers have different drying times so it's advisable to check the primer’s label for determining how long to wait for primers to dry then applying the paint. After the primer is dry the user can now lightly sand any areas that show surface imperfections.
  6. Enamel Paint: Using a paintbrush or a roller apply a light coat of the enamel paint to the wardrobe. The user may need to apply the second or third coat of paint that totally depends on how well the paint is covering the area. Let the first coat dry completely before applying another coat.
  7. Polyurethane: Once the paint job is done finish with applying a light coat of polyurethane but if desired. This helps to make the paint job extra-durable.
  8. Hardware: At last once the paint or topcoat is dry completely, then reattach the wardrobe's hardware.
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