Painting Ikea Malm Furniture: Steps To Paint

Steps To Paint IKEA Malm Furniture

Malm furniture is a simple and stylish type of IKEA furniture that is mostly used for storing daily needed things. However, Ikea Malm furniture needs to get painted over a period of time. So here are some steps to paint Ikea Malm furniture:
  1. Primer: Primer is the first thing that needs to be done on IKEA Malm furniture. First, apply a layer of primer on the malm furniture and keep it there for a maximum of 24 hours in order to let the primer dry. The most common primer used for malm furniture are Zinsser BIN Shellac-Based Primer.
  2. Coats Of Primer: Apply at least 2 coats of primer on malm furniture for best results. Mostly 2 coats of primer are enough.
  3. Dry: After the process of applying primer on malm furniture is completed, let the primer dry for a maximum of one day.
  4. Paints: Any type of paint can be used for painting the malm furniture. So no need to get confused about choosing the paint for malm furniture.
  5. Paint Brushes: After choosing the paint for malm furniture, paint the malm furniture with paint brushes. Rollers and paint sprayers are also useful for painting malm furniture.
  6. Sealer: Finally apply the sealer on malm furniture for perfect finishing.
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