Painting Ikea Kitchen Cabinets: Procedure To Paint

Procedure To Paint Ikea Kitchen Cabinets

In order to paint the Ikea kitchen cabinets, the users need to follow the below-given procedure:
  1. Remove: Before heading towards the painting process, it is very important to remove the hardware like knobs, handles, etc with the help of the screwdriver so that they can be installed again after painting.
  2. Sanding: Almost all the IKEA kitchen cabinets have the laminate wax type coating and this is the reason that makes it difficult for paint to bond effectively to its surface. So Slightly sand the area that will help to scuff and dull the surface a little and will also help the primer to adhere the surface better.
  3. Clean: After the sanding is completed, then dust off the sanding and the users can dust with the help of a cloth.
  4. Primer: Now apply the primer that is very important for the paint adheres to the surface. The customer needs to remember that the oil-based primer should be applied in the well-ventilated area as they have the strong fumes.
  5. Paint: Once the primer is dried completely, then apply the paint of the choice like latex, chalk or the milk paint. Apply 2 or 3 coats of the paint depending on the look. Allow the first coat to dry completely before applying the second coat.
  6. Seal: Now the important part of the painting process is to seal the paint coat, seal either with the clear non-yellowing varnish (polyurethane) or clear wax, the seal will make sure that color remains protected for years to come.
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